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Telecom Specific Power Conditioner
Telecom Specific Power Conditioner
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General(Telecom Specific Power Conditioner):
In telecom field, maintaining correct incoming supply voltage to equipment such as rectifiers and air condition units is necessary to avert malfunctions and to increase MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) of the equipment. The cost of Telecom Specific Power Conditioner compare to the purchase of telecom equipment and the subsequent loss of revenue due to failure is minimal. With Neopower's several decades of experience of mains quality all over the world we now can present a power conditioner that meets the telecom sector’s stringent requirements: a reliable high performance product, long life time, and low maintenance. We have often noticed that in areas with large voltage variations there are often problems with the incoming neutral wire. The best way to reduce that neutral problem is simply not to use it! All our power conditioners can have a Delta/Wye isolation transformer option that allows the customer to avoid all problems caused by the neutral from the mains. Inside the power conditioner, a new clean neutral is then locally created, giving optimum working condition for the connected AC loads.
Features(Telecom Specific Power Conditioner):
1.Extremely wide voltage regulation range; 130-300 V
2.10-300kVA, three phase 400/230 V, other sizes up to 225 kVA on request
3.Small dimensions with integrated isolation transformer input
4.Indoor and outdoor version on request
5.Individual regulation for each phase
6.Reliable and quiet servo motors
7.Voltage meter
8.By-Pass switch
9.High efficiency – approx. 95 % at full load
10.Wheels mounted for easy installation

Applications(Telecom Specific Power Conditioner):
1.2G, 3G, GSM and CDMA mobile base stations and control centers
2.Outdoor shelters and cabinets
3.Telecom exchanges/base stations needing outdoor power supply
4.Medium exchanges, rural telecom networks and access networks
relay stations
6.Microwave/satellite communications stations
7.Network control centers
8.Emergency communications/transmission

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