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NEOPOWER was born for delivering high efficient & reliable power quality solutions and products to the low power quality areas , where suffering power surges, sags, spikes, interruption, harmonic and other power quality issues; it has been committed to research & development, manufacture, marketing & sales of power protection & optimization products like AC power conditioners, automatic voltage stabilizers/regulators, voltage optimizers, voltage transformers & reactors, uninterrupted power supply(UPS), inverter & chargers since early 1990s.

NEOPOWER provides clients with a variety of green, reliable, durable and intelligent power protection solutions under all kinds of adverse and special environmental conditions: not only in applications with precise equipment such as Telecom, TV transmitter, Medical devices, CNC & SMT machines, Industry Automation, but also in a wide range of high important fields like Oil & Gas, Military, Coal & Mining, HVAC & R, Elevators & Escalators and etc. In a word, where suffers low quality power, where needs NEOPOWER.

Thanks to the ISO9001 in quality & service management, NEOPOWER has developed strong partnership with friend customers from Africa, Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America in past decades.
With more than 20 years’ experience in practical applications, NEOPOWER has developed an integrated power quality & optimization solutions in electric environmental consideration and load arrangements’ optimization, offering power capacity matching advices, customization design, high effective manufacturing, technical support & after sales.

NEOPOWER would be your best partner & consultant in power quality improvement & optimization, and we believe, new business opportunity is always here waiting for you.

NEOPOWER, NEO Solution for Your Power™.

Culture of NEOPOWER


We're facing & solving power problems with New, Effective & Optimistic attitudes.

Our Slogan: NEO Solution For Your POWER™

Our Purpose: To be a global leading expert in power quality improvement & optimization.

Our Mission: Creating values for customers, our staff, improving energy efficiency for our society.

Our Vision: After equipped with NEOPOWER® products, people are no longer tormented by the poor power quality from their daily life, production and work.

Our Value: Adhering to the customer demand-oriented development and sincere customer care principles, deeply understanding customers’ demands, providing instructive solutions and finally creating value for them.

Quality Value: Pursuing high-quality products and efficient services, taking an uncompromising attitude towards the quality problems.

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