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Industrial Voltage Stabilizer
Industrial Voltage Stabilizer
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General (Industrial Voltage Stabilizer)

Neopower Industrial Voltage Stabilizer is designed for stabilizing AC voltage and made with Western Europe advanced technology and on the basis of our country national conditions. It can keep output voltage in steady state automatically when the power voltage fluctuates or the load current varies. Compared with other voltage stabilizers, it has the advantage of large capacity, high efficiency, no wave distortion, stable voltage adjustment, suitability for kinds of loads, bearing instantaneous overload, working continually for long time, as well as free transferring between manual control and automatic control, etc, besides, the Automatic voltage Regualator for Industry is provided with protection against over-voltage, over current, phase failure and protection for phase sequence and has following merits: small volume, light weight, convenient installation and reliable running and so on.

Application (Industrial Voltage Stabilizer)
The Industrial Voltage Stabilizer can be applied to large type electromechanical equipment, metal processing equipment, production line, construction device , elevator, medical equipment, equipment of light and textile industry, air-condition, TV set, household appliance and lighting used for industry, agriculture, traffic, military, railroad, scientific culture, etc, where need voltage stabilization.

The product is used indoors, the normal service conditions for it as follows:
●Temperature environment: -15℃~+40℃;
●Altitude:<1,000 m;
●Relative humidity: 90% ;
●No gas, steam, chemical precipitate, dust, dirt or any explosive or corrosive medium, which can seriously affect the insulation of voltage stabilizer in the installation place.
●No serious vibration or jolt in the installation place.


With fast response speed and high output voltage accuracy.

● Automatic Voltage Regulation
Step-less automatic voltage regulation, suitable for more than 97% applications.
● Wide Range of Power Ratings
Three Phase 15KVA to 3000KVA
● Wide Input Voltage Swing Range
Input Range: ±15% (R15), ±20% (R20), ±25% (R25), ±30% (R30), ±35% (R35), ±40% (R40) or to specify.
● Flexible Output Voltage Accuracy
Output Voltage Accuracy: ±1% ~ ±5%
● Transient Voltage Surge Suppression
TVSS: Protect loads from harmful high energy surges, Transient voltage and spikes.
● High Efficiency
Better than 97% for low cost operation.


AC mains voltage fluctuations will cause erratically behave & malfunctions on equipment. Some systems may even break down due to voltage fluctuations, transient voltage, sags or spikes. Failure to ensure the incoming mains voltage is constant and clean can often result in expensive equipment repairs and unplanned down-time. NOW let’s say goodbye to such headaches by equipping with NEOPOWER voltage stabilization system.

NEOPOWER® Voltage Stabilizers offer NEO Solution For Your POWER™

● Voltage Protection & Stabilization
Suitable for more than 97% applications, NEOPOWER NPW series voltage stabilizers keep monitoring the incoming voltage supply all the time. When the input voltage get rises or drops, the voltage stabilizers will control the output voltage automatically to make sure delivering the constant ideal voltage to the load equipment. With inbuilt transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS),they also protect electrical and electronic load equipment against vital high energy power surges,transient voltage and spikes.
● Reliability & Durable
With incredible wide input voltage range options and high accuracy of output voltage, NEOPOWER NPW (Warrior) series with servo electronic design continuously proved as one of the most durable & dependable voltage stabilizers in some of the world’s harshest and low power quality environments. All of NPW (Warrior) series voltage stabilizers already equipped with many advanced protections & functions, such independent phase correction system, input circuit breaker, over & low voltage protection or even TVSS.
● A Never Stop Pursuing Vision
After equipped with NEOPOWER® products, people are no longer tormented by the poor power quality during their daily life, production and work.

● Independent Phase Correction Control System

Independent phase voltage balancing and control system to ensure stable individual phase voltage even if load unbalance.
● Over & Low Voltage Protection
Able to shutdown the voltage stabilizer when the input voltage going outside of the input voltage range.
● Inbuilt High Overload Capacity
Ideal for the loads with an initial high current draw on start up.
● Soft Start Up Load Protection
Protection of the load from momentary over voltage situations on start up.
● Automatic Restart Ability
Able to restart automatic after the mains power recover OR after the over & low voltage protections.
● Input Circuit Breaker
Equip with a circuit breaker as input over current protection device as standard.
● Phase Failure Protection
Protection of the even of phase failure.
● Manual By-pass System
Able to work in By-pass mode by the failure of stabilizer when requires a urgent grid power or maintenance.
● Front Panel status Monitoring & Metering
Front panel display showing system status with output voltmeter with phase selector switch.
● Optional Accessories
Automatic By-pass, Output Circuit Breaker, Main Circuit Filtering System, Ammeter with Phase Selector Switch, Smart Cooling System, No Volt remote Monitoring Con- tacts, Multi-task Power Meter (with RS-485 interface option) & Lightening Arrestors.



When there is a reasonable good mains supply, a NEOPOWER voltage stabilizer with an input variation range of ±15% (R15 Models) will usually be more than acceptable, but in more remote locations, or countries where the national supply infrastructure is less developed, variations of ±20% or greater may be needed to be accommodated by the NEOPOWER voltage stabilizer. 
Please Take a Note – These voltage stabilizers are not designed to support / protect voltage “back feeding” applications, where energy is required to be also fed back into the mains supply. 

H DESIGN NPW-H-3P-R* Input Voltage Range & Output Accuracy



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