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250KVA SCR Voltage Regulator
250KVA SCR Voltage Regulator
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General(SCR Voltage Regulator):
In the current electric environment nowadays, which is already saturated and highly unstable, where the fluctuations in power supply are very frequent, the voltage stabilizers play an important role when guaranteeing a stable voltage to those loads that are very sensitive to those fluctuations. SCR Voltage Regulator SPW6B/TPW6B Series is patented technology based on the state-of-the-art technology and incessant research efforts, with high efficiency, high response time and excellent output accuracy, is manufactured in single or three phase configurations and in a power rate range from 3 KVA to 2000 KVA.

Applications(SCR Voltage Regulator):
The SCR Voltage Regulator is widely used for Computer, Medical equipment, all type of calculation centers, communication equipment, Transmission, CNC(Computer Numerical Control), printer ,etc.

Main functions(SCR Voltage Regulator):

Power-on style

Automatic and manual power-on styles have been set for customer’s option. Automatic power-on style has been set

Output delay

The stabilizer will delay in 3-5 seconds(short delay) 3-5 minutes (long delay)to output power in order to protect electronic device from the shocking damage

Over-voltage and under-voltage

When the phase input voltage surpasses ±10 of the compensation range, the stabilizer will send acoustic and optic alarm and cut off output power.

Malfunction protection

When the stabilizer has been damaged and can’t work normally, the stabilizer will cut off the output power automatically.

Short-circuit protection

When the short circuit happens to the output terminal, air switch will cut off input power automatically.

Phase-lack protection

When the lack-phase and open-phase happen to the three-phase input, the stabilizer will cut off the output power.

Lightning and surge protection(Option)

The stabilizer has 40KA surge protector. According to the request, its capacity can be increased or adopt American JOSLYN surge protector.

Alarm and silence function

The stabilizer has the switch of alarm and silence

Phase-sequence protection (optional)

When the input phase-sequence is wrong, the stabilizer will cut off the output power.

Main circuit filtering protection (optional)

The main circuit can be equipped with the PD series type filter according to the need of customers.

Technical Specification(SCR Voltage Regulator):

Input phase voltage

176~264V(220V±20%)  154~286V(220V±30%)   132~308V(220V±40%) or Customized is accepted

Output phase voltage



 single-phase 10~300KVA ,three-phase 10~2000KVA



Response time

≤40ms when Input voltage fluctuates during -50%~+50%





Temperature rise




Insulation resistance

The stabilizer-to-ground insulation resistance≥2MΩ

Insulation intensity

No arc-over and no puncture with 2000V/1min sine AC voltage

Harmonic wave

No distortion of output voltage and no harmonic wave increment

Advantages of SCR Voltage Regulator:
(1)The extremely fast regulation, it just needs 40 milliseconds to output stable voltage (the machinery carbon brush type needs 7 second to complete the regulation).
(2)Our product can depress the surge and absorb harmonic waves with the lightning and filtering function (Magnetic-compensation stabilizer results in the harmonic waves when it works).
(3)According to the grid condition, the highest compensation can reach ±50%, efficiency is more than 99% (the highest compensation of other stabilizers just reach ±30%, efficiency can’t reach 96%).
(4)The three phase separate regulation and the adaptation to the three phase unbalance load(Other stabilizers adopt the collaborative regulation. they have to raise the fee to adopt separate regulation).
(5)When our product works under the low voltage, it can guarantee the load capacity 100% (the load adaptation of parameter stabilizer is bad, it can’t adapt to nonlinear device).
(6)Our product can adapts to the any work environment of bad and high safety request (Oil-immersed stabilizer leaks oil easily, so it can’t adapt to the occasion above)
(7)The regulation without carbon brush touch and machinery operation (80% faults of the carbon brush stabilizer are resulted in by the machinery drive and carbon brush)
(8)Customization Accepted!

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